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Financial Services | Management & Operations
About Simudyne

Simudyne is an established, high growth simulation technology company based in the City of London. Simudyne gives organizations and governments a new way to effectively harness the power of agent-based modelling, AI, and machine learning to test drive their decisions and drive growth. Their scalable, enterprise ready platform is used by global banks, regulators and exchanges to optimise market execution, financial crime analytics and risk management.

Simudyne are on a journey to transform how people make decisions. This is not just a job, it’s a mission; seeing themselves as missionaries rather than mercenaries, as advanced tool makers, agents of change and navigators of the unknown. They're always looking for people with curious minds who want to join them on their journey to transform how people make decisions.

Founded by simulation expert Justin Lyon in 2016, Simudyne graduated from the Barclays TechStars programme in 2017 and Mastercard Start Path in 2018. They have since expanded rapidly with a team of first-class talent, including PhDs with a wealth of expertise in financial services and beyond.