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About Skipton

In 1853, we set out to help people create a better future by providing a good place for people’s savings and helping people own their own home. More than 160 years later, our purpose remains the same. From our people, to the environment and the communities we serve, we’re helping to build a better future.

Saving for tomorrow, looking to the future, enjoying the life you've worked so hard for, we know how important these things are. The more we can help you save, the more you could enjoy and share with those you love. From helping with university fees or backing a new business to a trip down Route 66.

Today, over a million people are taking steps towards reaching their financial goals with us. We’re here to help you make the most of your future financial plans. We’re not driven by shareholders. We’re focused on our customers and the things that matter to you, helping you save for the future and securing a home of your own.

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