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About Smarter Grid Solutions

Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) is an enterprise energy software company with a unique end to end approach to DERMS to deliver net zero energy systems.

Smarter Grid Solutions is a UK headquartered energy management enterprise software company operating internationally from bases in the UK and USA. Our products are used to manage power grids and market participation in energy systems with high penetrations of distributed, clean and flexible energy assets.

We already manage a substantial capacity (>400MW with a further 800MW contracted) of distributed energy resources (DER) assets for Energy Service Companies, Battery Fleet Operators, Distribution Utilities, Renewable Generation Operators, Municipal Authorities and Community Enterprises.  Our customers use our DER management system (DERMS) products to integrate DER to markets and grids to deliver grid capacity management, flexible interconnection, virtual power plant, microgrid, fleet energy asset operations, energy as a service and local energy applications.

We have invested significantly for more than a decade in developing and enhancing our technology platform and the supporting user, data, integration and engineering environments.  This allows our customers and partners to gain from a wide range of standard features to build their own solutions, create their own value propositions and implement their unique business models.  Advances in underlying technologies also enable users to design and implement solutions that include online grid analytics, optimisation, data analytics, flexibility markets, artificial intelligence, and more.

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