Financial Services
About Smarterly

We were founded by an actuary and we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Here's what our founder had to say in the magazine of the actuarial profession:

A few years ago, I set out to buy a stocks and shares ISA. As a consulting actuary, I’d spent a lot of time helping big financial companies look after their own money, so I expected buying an ISA for myself to be pretty straightforward.

I was amazed at just how difficult it was. Most of the analysis I found was really just marketing material and of no real help in choosing an investment. I wanted to use my actuarial skills to help, so decided to launch Smarterly.

How we make investing easier for everyone

We have some pretty sophisticated investment technology under the hood, but we package it up in a really simple way. You get:

  1. Comparison tables with projected returns and total charges covering investments from all the top providers. The Projections take full account of all charges and risk and use the same techniques as the big financial services companies use to manage their own money.
  2. Ready-made portfolios, optimised by our sophisticated algorithms. Our comparison tables include both individual funds and fully optimised portfolios, so you can get a high quality diversified portfolio without needing to pick individual funds yourself.
  3. SmarterCare - our free alerting service to keep an eye on your investments. Every day, we check for you:
    • Projected returns on your investment vs our comparison tables
    • Recent performance vs expectations
    • Likelihood of your investment hitting its target
    • Level of risk/return (taking account of current market conditions)
    • Competitiveness of charges
  4. A really easy-to-use online account to make it simple and quick to look after your investments (we hate paperwork too!). It's easy and free to switch your investment from one fund manager to another, and if you've got a few old accounts with other providers whose websites are a pain to use, it's easy to transfer to us and get everything in one place.
  5. Complete openness and transparency about how we make our money. There is a simple flat platform charge for investing via us and this is our only source of income. We don't accept any commission from anyone so you can be confident our comparison tables are completely unbiased.
  6. High quality, powerful information to help you make better decisions. We don't offer advice, and we don't bombard you with "investment times", "research briefings", "picks of the week", or anything like that.