Superfood Bakery

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About Superfood Bakery

Superfood Bakery is a fast-growing brand on a mission to help you eat better and live happier. We make delicious, naturally gluten-free baking mixes sold in Tesco, ASDA, Ocado, Whole Foods, Planet Organic hundreds of stores across the UK and Ireland.

We started Superfood Bakery because we wanted to find a healthier way to indulge - without any chemicals, hidden sugars or guilt. We've created a range of completely natural baking mixes made from real ingredients that you and your body will love. 

So now you can whip up a delicious stack of pancakes, a tin of brownies or a jar of cookies in less than 20 minutes! All gluten-free and vegan-friendly. The best part? You can customise them: layer your pancakes with some coconut yogurt and banana, throw some pecans into your brownies or drizzle nut butter on top of your cookies!