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Symmetry Investments

Financial Services
About Symmetry Investments

Symmetry is a registered investment advisory firm that has re-defined the traditional approach to investing and created a new investment experience that’s more balanced, more rational, and less emotional for today’s investor. The vision for our unique approach to investing started on Wall Street with Symmetry’s founders, David E. Connelly, Jr. and Patrick A. Sweeny. As financial advisors, they experienced first hand the inconsistencies and inefficiencies of subscribing to conventional investment wisdom.

After working at some of the largest Wall Street brokerage firms, the two envisioned a radically different investment philosophy that could not only deliver a better, more rational, model for investing, but also allowed them (and other advisors) to do what was truly in the best interests of their clients. Starting with the investor’s needs, they built an investment model that’s rooted in objective, unbiased research and guided by a belief system that provides a fresh perspective on investing. The result... a vision that’s turned into the reality of a more balanced investment experience.

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