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About Tag Games

Tag Games was founded 14 years ago in Dundee, Scotland. We specialise in working with exciting IP and big ambitions. We’ve spent years making sure that we’re the perfect partner for companies who want to make amazing mobile games.

We work with our clients to support their development at all stages of a mobile game’s life-cycle. Whatever stage you’re at with your product, we can help.

Our partners come to us for

  • Full game development - We work in collaboration with you to bring your mobile game to life. From simple high level concepts to fully fleshed out ideas, we deliver the best solution to meet your vision.
  • Porting - Adapting your game for mobile is an opportunity to bring your game to a whole new audience. We ensure that it’s a perfect fit for the platform and retains its original magic.
  • Live ops - Whether your game is preparing for soft launch, a global launch or is already established in the market, we provide a safe pair of hands to take over and keep your game world running smoothly.

We empower you to deliver even the most challenging projects!