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About Tapestry

We unite the magic of Coach, Kate Spade New York, and Stuart Weitzman. We build on our world-class capabilities, deliver boldly on our corporate responsibility goals, and leverage our strengths, from financial power to digital expertise. All of this is in the service of developing our people, growing our brands, and better serving our customers and communities.

And that's just the beginning.

Because with open doors, space to speak up, creativity, and humanity, we're here to stretch what's possible.

We push ourselves in our work, pull out the unexpected in what we create, and expand the bounds of possibility. Our brands were created by dreamers who were determined to turn ideas into icons and, with passion, made it happen. We’ve grown by finding people similarly dedicated to the dream all over the world. We hold to high standards every material, process, and person that plays a part in our work, and we embrace difference by design because diverse perspectives are at the heart of creativity. We find brilliance in the intersections—of beauty and function,

Of heritage and innovation, of accessibility and aspiration—which is how we break through with magic and logic in our culture and our craft. The result is that we stand taller together. Tapestry elevates the best in our people and our brands.

We use our collective strengths to move our customers and empower our communities, make the fashion industry more sustainable, and build a house that is equitable, inclusive, and diverse. Individually, our brands are iconic. Together, we can stretch what’s possible to achieve even more.

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