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TB Cardew

About TB Cardew

TB Cardew is a strategic financial and corporate communications agency, and for more than three decades it has worked with major public and private companies and business leaders in four main areas of expertise:

Financial Communications and Transaction Support

We have supported PLCs in raising well in excess of £20bn on the equity and debt capital markets through primary and secondary offers, in addition to some of the most substantial debt raisings, rights issues and placings.

We’re also proud to have advised our clients on some of the largest and most high-profile M&A transactions and corporate events in the UK and other international markets.

Our fully researched analyst and investor feedback comes as part of our comprehensive management of clients’ financial calendar engagement.

Corporate Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

The world is constantly changing and many businesses now operate under a level of scrutiny barely imaginable even a decade ago, be it from the media, regulators, politicians, pressure groups or, thanks to the power of social media, even their own customers.

Today’s leaders need advisers who understand the whole media landscape and can advise across multiple stakeholders. Our team has wide ranging contacts and exceptional experience of corporate campaigns, stakeholder mapping and reputational management.

Public Affairs Support

The regulatory environment which affects many businesses moves faster than ever before. Campaigns to change laws and regulations can grow in weeks from ideas to the point where politicians act.

Understanding the intentions and political drivers of governments, regulators and local authorities, and how the media interacts with this, helps companies anticipate, plan for and influence legislation.

Issues Management and Crisis Communication  

Executive teams are increasingly judged by shareholders, the media, their customers and the public on how they handle unforeseen issues.

We believe the solution lies in a multi-track approach – meticulous planning and training, combined with calm advice under pressure, the value of experience and exceptional media instincts. Our team has successfully advised clients on major fast developing crises in a diverse range of sectors.