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About ThriveMap

ThriveMap is a software platform that predicts team fit by measuring how people work. (Oh yeah, and TalentRocket's sister company)

ThriveMap was born out of TalentRocket late in 2016, and is going places (we hope/think/know).

Based in new offices in Croydon, we are joining the trend of tech companies relocating to just outside London. Being only 18 minutes from Victoria (and 11 from Clapham) means that the commute is way more manageable than you would think!

Being under an hour from Brighton means that this commute is also very much possible (Mark, our CTO lives in Brighton).

Anyway, enough about commuting times, as riveting as they are, more about us:

We are a tool that measures and predicts culture fit, and can be used for hiring and improving team performance. Pretty neat huh?

As for the team, we are just 3 people, but looking to increase that number imminently.

We’re committed to building an amazing place to work for all 'Mappers. We believe in a sometimes scary amount of transparency, a non-hierarchical structure and we ask all employees to leave their egos at the door. We operate from a set of principles based from the belief that business is about more than just making profit, it's about creating value and making people’s lives a little bit better.

We are currently looking for stellar employees, so if you have any experience with B2B, Saas, and/or HR (or even know what any of those words mean), give us a follow or apply to our jobs below.

ThriveMap often have live graduate roles and other opportunities for students. Click on the visit website button below to find out more and start your application. Don't forgot to cite you came from Bright Network if you apply.