Investment & Asset Management
About TrailStone

TrailStone is a global commodities trader and an investor in strategic commodity assets.

As a trader, TrailStone uses its capital on a proprietary basis to buy and sell physical commodities, and it leverages its know-how in asset optimisation and logistics, and its access to the physical markets, to trade financial commodities.

As an investor, TrailStone uses its industry expertise and private equity backed capital base to invest in and develop strategic commodity assets.

Many of our shareholders are employees and this encourages a true spirit of partnership and heightened alignment with the success of the business. TrailStone attracts talented entrepreneurs who have a proven track record in their field and who are adept at understanding and managing risk. We have offices in London, Berlin, Austin and New York.

Commodities markets are unique and demanding. They encompass all the elements of financial markets; capital and financing, price risk, and credit risk. However, unlike financial markets, they also require expertise and knowledge of the physical complexities of production, consumption, and transportation of the commodities themselves.

TrailStone's competitive advantage is our strong, highly specialized finance team, integrated with experienced traders of both physical and financial products.

Whether we own, finance, or manage third-party assets, TrailStone can provide physical trading, logistics, and optimization services. We can also combine financial and physical requirements by engaging in structured lending secured by equity and off-take contracts across the entire commodity class.