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Transport for Wales

About Transport for Wales

Be ambitious. Be innovative. Be part of our future.

At Transport for Wales (TfW), we have big plans to transform the Welsh transport network over the next 15 years. We want to make travel more accessible, sustainable and affordable than ever. That’s where you come in.

As a TfW graduate, you’ll join a two-year placement designed to give you real skills and experience. There are ten opportunities available on the 2023 TfW Graduate Scheme. From HR and finance to bus and transport planning, there’s an option for you.

Whichever you apply for, you’ll work on exciting projects that directly impact the future of the Welsh transport network. Plus, you’ll get all the support you need, as well as access to workshops and academic resources.

These aren’t just graduate schemes. They’re leadership schemes, designed to take you from entry-level talent to a leader of the future.


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