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About VWV

Our combination of expertise, genuine teamwork and client commitment sets us apart, and that's why we're confident that we can deliver the best and most effective legal solutions to help you succeed.

As part of our commitment to staff and clients, we are proud of our 'core values'. These core values are the backbone of the firm and underpin everything we do. The values are incorporated in our business plans and communications, as well as staff appraisals.

We're often told that we are chosen by clients for our in-depth industry and sector knowledge and the inter-relationship between them. We were keen to depict this in our logo. The design started with circles each of which represented a core sector - the circles were placed to overlap one another to show the interconnection. These overlaps were then brought to life using the VWV red which has now evolved into what we call 'the spark'.

The spark gives the appearance of movement and growth which we can apply to all areas of our business.