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Wouldn’t you prefer to train at a firm where you’re valued as an individual, instead of another face in a large intake of trainees? At Winckworth Sherwood we recruit just seven trainee solicitors each year. We keep that number deliberately low to maximise the staff/trainee ratio and give you the best possible preparation for your future career. One word you’ll hear a lot in relation to our law firm is diversity. Diversity of our people. Diversity of our client base. For trainees, this means exciting opportunities to experience a wide range of legal practice areas, from the mainstream to the esoteric.

Our law firm may be smaller than some, but the potential for your career to soar is enormous. We recognise that our people are vital to the success of the firm, and in return we are committed to their development and well-being. Our working environment is neither ruthlessly ambitious nor aggressively corporate. We have uncompromising standards when it comes to client service and technical delivery. It’s just that we believe people are more productive when they are stimulated, challenged and motivated. So our culture is built on flexibility, enthusiasm, collaboration and a healthy work-life balance.

Don’t forget to cite Bright Network on your Winckworth Sherwood application form, they’re keen to hear from our members.

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