Summer Vacation Scheme 2020

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Vacation scheme
Commercial Law
5th January 2020

The best way to understand what it feels like to work here is to actually work here! Every year, we hold three vacation schemes – two four-week summer schemes and a single one-week scheme in the winter – each designed to give you an intensive experience of our culture and the kind of work we do.

We work hard to make sure they’re as useful and as stimulating as possible; in fact, we organise the schemes along with a committee of trainees who’ve been where you’ve been and know the best way to introduce you to the firm.

You'll spend time in two departments, being supervised by a qualified solicitor who’ll get you involved in real work. You’ll learn about our specialist areas by attending workshops and exploring a case study that’s based on a recent transaction.

There’s also a chance to get involved in team-building events to experience the way we work together, and social events to get to know our associates and current trainees away from the bustle of daily life.