Applications for this are now closed. See a list of our open vacation schemes.

Winter Vacation Scheme

Vacation scheme
Commercial Law
14th October 2019

We have worked hard to design a vacation scheme that successfully combines real-life experience in our practice areas with workshops and seminars dedicated to your professional development. The selection process is tough, but that is because our vacation schemes form part of your professional learning curve and we want as many people as possible from the scheme to be successful in their training contract applications to the firm. You will work alongside experienced lawyers, doing the same kinds of activities as our trainees. In addition, there is a range of professional development sessions, designed to give you a broader understanding of our global business strategy and areas of practice, as well as the opportunity to develop your skills in areas such as negotiation and pitching to a client.

Throughout your time with us, you will have access to experienced lawyers and trainees who will be available to support you, answer your questions and offer constructive advice and feedback. In each department you experience, you will have a trainee, who is on hand to integrate you into the team and discuss any questions you might have, as well as an associate. This is designed to mirror the sort of support you can look forward to if you join us as a trainee.

Be aware that the Winter vacaction scheme closes on the 14th of October.