Have you mastered the art of communication during your languages studies? Passionate about weaving compelling narratives and cultivating meaningful relationships? Thrive in an environment where merit shines over tenure? If you're nodding in agreement, you're on the cusp of an opportunity that's tailor-made for you. Keep Reading!

Who are we? 

At Thurn Partners, we don't just connect dots; we create connections that transform businesses. As a premier high-end search business, our footprint spans across North America and Western Europe, with an unwavering focus on the Alternative Investment Management sector. Our mission? To unite the visionary leadership teams of hedge funds, trading firms, and alternative investment management businesses with the absolute finest talent in investment, research, and technology.

Based in the dynamic heart of London, we're more than just a company – we're a driving force. We're not satisfied with the status quo; we challenge it. Our approach is twofold: harnessing innovative technology and adopting a data-driven, systematic mindset in all that we do. Our team lives and breathes our culture of collaboration, where ideas flourish, and improvement is constant.

Since our inception in December 2017, we've defied expectations. Year after year, we've witnessed extraordinary growth that exceeds even our wildest dreams. This isn't by chance; it's the result of careful selection in hiring and client partnerships. But we're not stopping here. We’re growing multiple sector aligned teams, moving teams to New York and diversifying markets. This could not be a more exciting time to become part of our journey.

Embark on our meticulously designed nine-month programme, where we handcraft you into an industry maven. Display unparalleled prowess, and you might just find yourself on a platform where earning £100k is the norm and surpassing £300k is within your grasp. 

Why is Thurn Partners the ideal destination for Language Graduates?

Harness Your Linguistic Prowess: As a language graduate, you won't just be utilizing your language skills; you'll be amplifying them in a bustling business landscape. Regularly, you'll be sculpting articulate English content to captivate some of the industry's most notable figures and pave the path for relationship-building.

Forge Global Bonds: Remember those connections you cultivated during your year abroad? Envision that on a larger scale, as you nurture profound ties with the industry's brightest and best. Your innate ability to communicate will be the cornerstone of trust, shaping their career decisions based on your valuable insights and counsel.

Unleash Your Creativity: Few professions in the corporate realm offer such expansive creative freedom, both verbally and in writing. Your bespoke communications could resonate with a seasoned Hedge Fund expert, leading them to discover and join our client businesses, driving unprecedented growth and success.

Diverse Conversations, Every Day: Engaging with an array of personalities, each with their unique roles and experiences, ensures a vibrant workday. Your success isn't just about what you say, but how you say it – emotional intelligence and the essence of your messages are key.

Your role unveiled

Dive headfirst into a dynamic, client-centric role where your primary objective is to bridge the connection between top-tier investment firms and industry leading professionals across Europe and North America. As a Graduate Search Consultant, your mission is multifaceted:

  • Engage with industry leaders, ensuring the right matches for our clients' distinct roles.
  • Employ both lateral and innovative thinking, delving deep into company research to pinpoint the industry's best.
  • Seamlessly blend this research with personalized content and cutting-edge marketing strategies, sparking conversations and convening the right minds.
  • Over time, you'll cultivate invaluable, enduring professional bonds.

A significant part of your journey will involve engaging in person, over calls, or via video, discerning the aptitude, experience, and proficiency of potential candidates vis-a-vis our clients' expectations.

From your very first day, you'll own your role. While autonomy is a given, you're never alone – with unwavering backing from our leaders and team. The path ahead? It's clear, promising, and tailored for rapid growth. Embrace the challenges; they're your stepping stones.

Your growth and experience

  • Hone a diverse range of skills, from robust research techniques, sales and strategic marketing to adept negotiation and project management.
  • Engage in pivotal searches that have the power to shape the future of globally renowned investment firms.
  • Thrive in an environment that's both exhilarating and results-driven, with tangible outcomes at every step.
  • Relish in a collaborative workspace where camaraderie is genuine, challenges are faced as a unit, victories are a shared joy, and every lesson is a collective growth opportunity.

Are you the one we're looking for?

Your background might vary, but if you resonate with the following, you're already aligned with our wavelength:

  • Stellar communication skills, with an innate passion for client engagement.
  • Craftsmanship in weaving compelling narratives.
  • Emotional acuity, coupled with strong analytical prowess.
  • A creative soul with an analytical hat.
  • Unyielding self-accountability and a relentless drive to evolve.
  • A team spirit that believes in collective growth.

Minimum benchmarks

  • Masterful command over the English language.
  • Stellar academic track record, with a 2.1 or higher, ideally in Business, Social Sciences, Economic, Humanities, or alike.
  • 3-12 months of tangible professional exposure.
  • A record that boasts leadership and/or standout extracurricular endeavours.

Our values 

  • Always Think Long Term.
  • Work as a Team.
  • Continually Improve.
  • Be Accountable. 

Perks of joining our team

  • A competitive starting salary of £26,000/year. Your development and output dictates your promotion – Once promoted, earn £35,000/year base salary, and that's not all! Revel in our generous uncapped annual commission scheme.
  • After a year with us, you'll benefit from Bupa Private Health Insurance and their virtual GP service.
  • Start with 25 days holiday, exclusive of UK bank holidays. For every year you're with us, earn an extra day, up to a max of 30 days. Plus, we shut the office for 2-weeks over Christmas without digging into your holiday time.
  • Been with us for 5 years? Enjoy a 3-month paid sabbatical. It's our way of saying thank you.
  • Count on our company pension contributions to have your back in the long run.
  • Revel in company-hosted social events. From lunches, exotic holidays, to team-building escapades, we believe in bonding over fun!
  • Begin your days with complimentary breakfast, stay fuelled with free snacks and drinks, and let our barista serve you gourmet coffee anytime you like.
  • Planning a family? Benefit from 6 months full-pay maternity and 4 weeks full-pay paternity, ensuring you have both time and resources for what matters most.
  • Seize opportunities to meet our international clientele in Europe and the US.
  • Our state-of-the-art office isn't just a workspace. Unwind with free drinks, make use of the in-house complimentary barista, collaborate in chic breakout spaces, and join our wellness programme. Every corner is designed for comfort, creativity, and collaboration. 

The interview process

We have designed our interview process to ensure that we set people up for success. We want to ensure that we are right for you as much as you are for us. Each process may vary, but our usual format is:

  1. Phone Interview – A bit about you, a bit about us (30 minutes)
  2. Off-Site Case Study – Gives you a sense for a part of the role and helps us see what you can do (2.5 hours)
  3. Case Study Debrief Call – Meet more of the team. Tell us what you thought about the exercise and we will dig into your approach (45 - 60 minutes)
  4. Psychometric Assessment – Helps us understand what makes you tick (30 minutes)
  5. Final On-Site Interview – Meet more of the team. We will get to know you more and you can ask us anything you want (1-3 hours)

The dynamics of our workspace!

  • We're enthusiastic about expanding our team, but currently, we don't sponsor visas.
  • While our official working hours span from 08:30-18:00, we're not a clock-in, clock-out establishment. Success here often means collaborating outside conventional hours, especially given our international clientele. If you never want to deal with work outside work, this job will not be for you.
  • Collaboration is our lifeblood. Thus, we encourage our team to be present at the office 4-5 days a week to learn and grow together. Post-probation, there's room for flexibility for occasional remote work for travel or managing personal errands.

Inclusivity at Thurn Partners

  • At Thurn Partners, we don't just accept diversity – we celebrate it. We believe that diversity fuels innovation, and our commitment is rooted deep. Every individual, with their unique strengths and experiences, is a valued member of our team.
  • Equality for All: Our mission extends beyond work. It's about creating an environment where everyone, irrespective of background or belief, feels safe, respected, and empowered to grow.
  • Your Needs Matter: If there are any accommodations or adjustments you need for an interview or to thrive with us, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Your comfort and success are paramount to us.