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How to ace the application process | Stuart's story

Book open Reading time: 3 mins

My role is to aid in the develop of the outbound sales process, which is not something SNAP has done much of. Working with various stakeholders to put in place suitable communication plans across a range of mediums (phone calling, LinkedIn, and email). As well as supporting in sales reporting and further developing the process.

 Moreover, to perform outbound sales across all three aspects of SNAP; SNAP account, Fuel Card, and access and security.  Day to day activities include;

  • Developing a strong LinkedIn presence with both current and potential customers, through curating content to share, displaying the SNAP offering, and approaching prospective customers through connecting and InMail.
  • Lead qualifying – developing an understanding of a leads suitability for our products and where we can sell to the lead, finding relevant contacts and information – all in relation to various campaigns
  • Calling a range of customers from new to existing customers performing both cold and warm selling
  • Regular reporting on sales calls and updating dashboards for clarity to all stakeholders


[I chose the DCC Sales Scheme for a number of reasons:]

Varity – one of the main things that attracted me to DCC is the large amount of variety available. The variety is twofold; Firstly, there is a large range of streams to choose from giving exposure to a range of business activities, there is even scope to switch streams between the two placements. Secondly, the variety of business industries in which DCC operates is very appealing, again providing a range of experiences, which can cater to a range of interests. This provides a great opportunity to see how a business function such as sales could vary between different industries and how varying industries practice business in multiple ways. 

International Nature – the international nature of DCCs business provides the chance to work abroad and converse in diverse business with people from many different countries. Exposing you to great experiences and giving you a well-rounded learning experience. 

Learning and Development – DCC places a great emphasis on continual development, which as new graduates we have seen through the onboarding process, with several relevant training sessions on key aspect of personal growth such as personal reflective work and on business aspects such as professional writing. Moreover, more learning opportunities become available as the scheme goes on. 


I think the application was a great balance of lengthy enough questions that I could express myself and my skills. The questions were direct and specific which allow me to tailor my answers better. The constant communication throughout the process was greatly appreciated as with many application processes you often do not hear unless you are progressed, but DCC were constantly keeping us updated. 

The assessment centre was done virtually and was definitely the best virtual assessment centre I had. Everything had been thought of and there was a great deal of support. Which is testament to DCC planning and organisation as this was the first time they had done it. 

The activities as the assessment centre were very real and relatable to real life business activities. A lot of the time at assessment centres the tasks are randomly plucked out of thin air but DCC has clearly thought about the challenges making them relevant to both DCC and day to day business. 

Try to get some industry specific experience – to see if you do enjoy it and so that you can gather insight to make you a strong candidate – several ways to do this include looking for work experience, finding topical webinars (a lot of large companies in the sector will hold open webinars to share their image) these are a great introduction to an industry. Moreover, LinkedIn I find is a great location to get industry specific knowledge – especially knowledge relevant to a certain role if you follow people of similar role to the one you would l