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2018/19 International Women's Day Student Leadership Board

Here at Bright Network we have founded a new Student Leadership Board to design and develop an event to celebrate International Women’s Day. We received an impressive 65+ applications for the Student Leadership Board from our best and brightest Bright Network members and we are excited to announce that the final Board is composed of eleven passionate female university students from across the country who are committed to female empowerment. 

If you would like more information about future Student Leadership Boards and getting involved, please contact

Meet the International Women's Day Student Leadership Board

Here are the members of our International Women's Day Student Leadership Board:

  • Yvonne Anderson - studying Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh (Graduating in 2020)
  • Lucia Azzi - studied Law at the University of Cambridge (Graduated in 2018); currently studying LPC MSc in Law, Business & Management at the University of Law (Graduating in 2019)
  • Angela Chen - studying Economics at the University of Manchester (Graduating in 2021)
  • Milan Nagra - studying Medicine at King's College London (Graduating in 2021)
  • Ayotomiwa Ojo - studying Economics and Philosophy at the University of Nottingham (Graduating in 2019)
  • Natasha Okojokwu - studying Sociology and Social Policy at Aston University (Graduating in 2019)
  • Priyanka Patel - studying Law at the University of Bristol (Graduating in 2020)
  • Tina Pande - studying German at University College London (Graduating in 2019)
  • Ellie Payne - studying Off Road Vehicle Design at Harper Adams University (Graduating in 2019)
  • Saadia Sajid - studying Law at the London School of Economics (Graduating in 2021)
  • Eleanor Smith - studying Business Management at the University of Birmingham (Graduating in 2019)

An Introduction from the International Women's Day Student Leadership Board

"Bright Network founded its new Student Leadership Board to design and develop its inaugural International Women’s Day event. It is composed of passionate female students from across the UK who are committed to female empowerment.

We are clear that this is an event to inspire young women and female leaders of the future. As a Board, we aim to bring together Bright Network’s keenest and brightest female members with leading employers, all committed to diversity and the championing of women in the workplace. We will do this through an event designed to educate, enable and empower our future generation of female leaders.

Designed, written and marketed by us, our recent research survey of Bright Network’s most engaged female members has provided us with data, suggestions and feedback that will allow us to incorporate more student voice into the shaping of this event. With these survey responses driving the work we do, we are tailoring our planning and execution of this inaugural event to ensure that we are delivering an event that will be useful, impactful, effective and inspiring to all of its attendees.

We hope to educate the attendees with success stories of women in the workplace who have faced challenges and adversities along their career path, but have overcome those to be in the successful position they are in today. Additionally, we want the ambitious females to be able to leave the event with practical tips and advice to enhance their confidence, personal brand and ability to tackle discrimination and sexism, which they can put into practice when applying for and entering into their chosen industry. Finally, we want to provide a forum for these young women to be able to ask their own personal questions which we will facilitate through a panel discussion. We very much hope you would like to be involved in what will be an incredibly innovative, inspiring and empowering day to mark International Women’s Day 2019. You can learn more about the event and apply here."

- The Bright Network International Women’s Day Student Leadership Board, January 2019.

Tell Us Why You #celebrateIWD

This is why we #celebrateIWD:

Tell us why you #celebrateIWD by applying to join us at Bright Network's inaugural International Women's Day event in London on Friday 8th March 2019. We hope to see you there!