Partner Society King's Entrepreneurs Society

Created on 2nd Aug 2018


For a successful career, academic skills are important, but not enough; with this in mind the King's Entrepreneurs Society (KES) was founded.

Our immediate goal is to equip our members with a dynamic set of skills that will enable successful careers and ventures. We aim to boost employability and encourage business ideas. In the long-term, our goal is to foster a robust network of King’s entrepreneurs; opening a world of opportunity, talent and ideas for our members, present and past.

Events we have held include: entrepreneur conferences, marketing workshops, ideation competitions, the end-of-year Management Ball, Ruby programming lessons and start-up career fairs. Our active presence on campus along with the consistent success of our events has given us an exemplary reputation at university.

We believe entrepreneurship is not constrained to traditional business degree backgrounds. Rather, entrepreneurship forms a unique and dynamic field, drawing from all kinds of degrees and knowledge-bases. To that end, we encourage anyone with any level of interest to join our society!


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