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Created on 20th Aug 2018

About us

Exeter is among the top 1% of universities worldwide.

The University of Exeter African & Caribbean Society is currently home to 138 members and growing. The society has continued to expand over the last 7 years in size and influence in the university. Our society brings students from diverse backgrounds together to celebrate and promote African and Caribbean culture in all its forms. The society aims not only to provide a hospitable and family-like environment for African and Caribbean students to express their heritage. We aim to provide a stimulating and enjoyable experience to our members but also encourage students of non Afro-Caribbean descent to learn about our history. Additionally, our society aims to provide an intellectually stimulating and enjoyable atmosphere in which members are given the opportunity debate and discuss issues within our society.

Our core values

  1. Empower each other so we can empower greatness.
  2. Celebrate the beauty of African & Caribbean culture
  3. Educate ourselves and others on our past, present, and future.

Social Media


Facebook: Exeter African Caribbean Society

Instagram: ExeterUniACS

Twiiter: ExeterACS