Partner Society Aberdeen ACS

Created on 2nd Aug 2018

About Us

Through discovering, teaching and representing all aspects of African-Caribbean culture, we are an all-inclusive society that helps to  inform, educate and incite appreciation for the exceedingly rich diversity of African and Caribbean cultures among and outside the student population. We detail the beauty within the African diaspora; exploring the magnificence produced from the African continent, the Caribbean islands and the Black British in harmony with our university’s agenda of showing the integration of various cultures. With African-Caribbean innovation, invention, art and entertainment constantly used and exploited in the mainstream, we aim to push for our passionate and unapologetic voices to be heard as well.

Settled on the north-eastern coast of the UK, Aberdeen is the third most populous Scottish city and holds a unique population; a vast spectrum of people from different backgrounds, cultures and creeds reside, study and work in Aberdeen. This is evident in our own university, which holds a strong ethos regarding safety and pride in LGBT, nationality, gender and racial representation. The ACS aims to reflect these values by being active in holding and attending events, from inspirational talks to partying at the nearest venues, where we deliver our rich African-Caribbean experiences in an informative but stimulating environment for all to immerse in.

Our Goals

As well as our current union with the ACS at Robert Gordon University, we are planning to strengthen our relationships with all the ACSs in Scotland. This will further broaden our diverse range of peers and supporters outside of Aberdeen while simultaneously increasing and defining our presence amongst Scottish, and more generally, British universities.

Another aim for ACS Aberdeen is to help empower the Aberdonian youth who feel like their voices are diminishing in our everchanging world. With the rise in the marketisation of education and other schemes conducted by our current government, we have noticed that tensions between the youth and companies who are looking to hire are as tense as ever. A significant amount of this is due to a very outdated mythology around the youth of today being 'lazy' or 'incompetent' for the workplace. Our secondary goal is to help further dismantle these beliefs by working with Bright Network to ensure that students have learnt the skills required to go into the workplace with confidence and pride.

Social Media

The links and usernames to our social media will be below:


Snapchat: aberdeenuniacs

Twitter: @ABDN_ACS

Instagram: acsaberdeen