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About us

KIIPS is all about equipping budding lawyers with the tools to succeed in a future encompassed by technology. From understanding the impact of emerging tech on businesses and law firms, to becoming more commercially aware, creative and dynamic, it is very much the ‘lawyer 2.0’ that we strive to forge. Our society is also interested in how technology affects the ways in which lawyers and law firms function, and all that is AI, Blockchain, Intellectual Property etc.

Whether you want to develop your business acumen, connect with leading innovators from across the globe, or simply want to learn more about how technology is changing the world around you, KIIPS has something for you. 

Just a few of the things we have in store are:

  • Space Law
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Emojis
  • Fashion Law

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Our goals

We want to create lawyers of the future who have the tools - and network - to thrive in a world increasingly driven by technology. What does that mean you ask?


  • Host lectures with world-leading law firms, CEOs and entrepreneurs focussed on exploring the impact of emerging technology on industry and commerce in the years to come.
  • Partner with award-winning organisations and executive coaches to offer you technology orientated commercial awareness workshops as well as opportunities to develop your vocational skills.
  • Bring together law & technology enthusiasts and present them face-to-face with high-profile TechLaw Barristers, Academics, Judges (and more): putting the theory you know in practise.
  • Build relationships with key innovators and LegalTech brands to bring you the latest in all that is the future of the legal profession. 

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