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Partner Society KCL East African Society

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About us 

KCL’s East African Society is a student group, dedicated to bringing attention to, celebrating and discussing East African culture, having key discussions about the issues East African countries face as well as other current affairs. In total, we are committed to be a warm and friendly space that ALL are welcome to join. 

Our goals 

  • Access and Outreach. This year we are placing focus on access and outreach efforts, this will include mentoring BME students all the way to helping with personal statement writing.  

  • Collaboration. Throughout the course of the year, we have plans to hold many career talks with professionals and bring potential graduate opportunities to our members. 

  • Discussion. Having talks and engaging with our members is also a priority of the society this year.  

  • Welfare. The wellbeing of our members is of the upmost importance to the society and throughout the year we will put on events and protocols that mirror this ideal.  

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