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Created on 24th Sep 2019

About us

The African Caribbean Society (ACS) is cultural society primarily comprised of ethnic minority groups, with over 90% of our members having African-Carribean heritage. In the ACS we strive to not only provide members with educational and careers based support, but also to provide an outlet for society members to socialise in a relaxed environment away from the demanding nature of their degrees. Additionally our society serves as a platform for students at LSE and beyond to learn and celebrate different African and Caribbean cultures through various events. It is also extremely important for us to encourage and make it possible for our members to give back to the wider community. We work closely with the University, charities, sponsor firms, LSE societies and other University of London ACS’ to to curate a meaningful experience for our members.

Our goals

Our activities are aimed at increasing the opporotunities open to our members and helping them to develop key skillsets as they progress through university. Through 2019/20 we are working to deliver a range of opportunities including:

  • LSE Africa Summit: We work closely with the LSE Africa Summit, a 2-day conference which has hosted leading figures such as HE Nana Akufo-Addo (Current President of Ghana), HE Yemi Osibanjo (Vice- President of the Republic of Nigeria) and Meaza Ashenafi (current, and first female, Ethiopian Supreme Court Chief Justice). 
  • Outreach programme: We work with “LSE Widening Participation” to offer mentorship and support to young people from BME backgrounds. This mentorship includes hosting events at LSE for prospective students, visiting senior schools and being available for one-toone peer support. Black Ascent: A panel discussion with prominent and trailblazing people from BME backgrounds. The last Edition had a creative focus and was titled “The role of arts in the black community.” It was hosted in the LSE Sheikh Zayed Theatre and was attended by over 100 students. It will form part of our black history month programme. 
  • 'Ablaze' culture show: Annual showcase of African and Caribbean culture through music, dance, drama, fashion and spoken word. This event takes place in the Peacock Theatre and attracts students and professionals from LSE and beyond. 
  • Careers fairs: A chance for students from LSE and other University of London (UoL) institutions to explore career prospects. It has also proven to be a great opportunity for engagement and networking between students and sponsors. 
  • Social activities: Fortnightly games nights, freshers parties, UoL ACS ball, Meet and Greet. We also have plans to host an UoL ACS charity football tournament in the 2019/20 academic year. 
  • Mental health support: Currently we are working with Freedom of Mind (FOM) to remove the negative stigma associated with mental health and provide support for our members. In addition to carrying on with the initiatives from previous years, we are dedicated to putting a larger emphasis on mental health moving forward, and to this end are planning a range of self care, mental health awareness and positive mental strategy sessions.

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