Partner Society Leicester ACS

Created on 14th Aug 2018


As the black student community in Leicester continues to grow and thrive each year the University of Leicester African and Caribbean society aims to be a hub where students from across the country can come together to celebrate their culture and feel a sense of belonging amongst the thousands of university students. Being the largest student society on the campus we pride ourselves on giving our members the very best experience through activities such as social nights, debates and career events.


Mission Statement

Our aim as a society is to create a strong sense of community for our members across all stages of their university lives whether first year or in their final. Creating more opportunities for members to communicate allows us to further empower our members and support all their endeavours. “Your network is your net worth” thus we aim to enable our members to expand their personal networks as wide as possible during their time in university. As well as this we are prioritising furthering our members personal and professional development through providing opportunities they may not have not about such as working with Bright Network. As a committee we believe sharing these opportunities will aid in unlocking the very best from our members as they move forward and leave their mark on society.