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About us

Imperial College Biochemistry Society is a student-led society that hosts both academic and social events for the interest of its members, enriching the student experience and providing welfare for its members. We host first-year welcoming events, guest speakers, workshops, networking careers sessions along with educational trips, collaboration events with our sponsors and more. 

The society consists of 500+ members made up of Biochemistry and Biotechnology students who are automatically members upon undertaking the degree. Included in this number are the 100+ non-Biochemistry students from other degree schemes who join the society to benefit from our events.

Our goals

The goal of the society is to encourage our students to make the most of their university experience: forming connections through social activities and using the links that the Biochemistry community has to broaden and strengthen their career prospects. We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities in order to grow the society and improve the experience offered.

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