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Partner Society KCL Economics and Finance Society

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About us  

KCLSU Economics and Finance Society is a premier academic and career society based in King’s College London that offers students exposure to leading industries and academics, as well as to enable students to build an unparalleled network to support their career goals upon graduation. We are also the lead organizers for the KCL Career Series and aim to host a multitude of various other events during the year! 

Some of our notable events are:  

  • Economics: The User’s Guide - Dr Ha-Joon Chang, Cambridge Economists 
  • Insight into Adam Smith, Modern Politics and Economics - Jesse Norman, Conservative MP 
  • Unfinished Business: 2008 Crisis and the Lessons to be learn - Tamim Bayoumi, Deputy Director of IMF 
  • The Future of Europe - Pedro Caelho, Former Prime Minister of Portugal 


Our goals 

  • To broaden the opportunities of students who are disadvantaged and get them into a career in finance, consulting or a start-up  

  • To provide students with networking opportunities to maximise their advantage in recruitment campaigns. 

  • To improve our student’s employability through workshops and skills sessions with our partnering firms. 

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