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About us

We are Lancaster Law Society, Lancaster University’s largest campus society. We pride ourselves on the wide range of activities.

With our 17- strong executive committee and a large membership base to support us we deliver a wide range of activities, education sessions and socials which all work to enhance the experience of Law students here at Lancaster. 

Each year we offer our members events that will provide them with the skills for success. We aim to guide our members through their time at University by helping them reach their maximum potential. Some of our events have an academic focus such as our Mooting, Negotiations and External Competitions as well as our Pro Bono Week which focuses on providing members with an opportunity to engage in volunteer programmes whilst at the same time developing their CV. 

However, whilst we have a strong career focus which is emphasised through the events aforementioned, as well as those hosted by our Careers and Academic officers, which provide students with opportunities to network with practitioners and professionals alike in their chosen area, we also host a variety of other activities that are more socially focused to keep our members entertained throughout the year, such as our annual Law Ball and not to forget our netball and football teams. This is because a well rounded experience is important towards achieving our goal. 

We are proud to be a part of the University ranked 8th in the country by the Complete University Ranking Table 2018/19. 

In recent years we have won multiple awards and honours, including: 

  • Best Society (LUSU Awards 2013) 
  • Best Student Engagement (LCN Awards 2013) 
  • Best Social Media Nominee (LCN Awards 2017) 
  • Best Social Media (LCN Awards 2019) 

Our goals

Our main goals for the coming year concern diversity. Each cohort of the law school is getting more and more diverse so it is important for us to adapt the way we conduct business within the society, to ensure we can facilitate an equal entrance by all members into the legal profession. We also plan to help break down and provide techniques for mitigation regarding the barriers they may face at the beginning of their career or throughout. These barriers affect genders, races and religions - all of which our society desires to touch upon in the coming year. 

We also aim to provide our members with other opportunities outside of the legal realm, to give students a more holistic experience. This can also lead to a more balanced CV that is able to increase their opportunities of employment and hopefully alleviate some of the effects that barriers produce.  

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