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Created on 24th Sep 2019

About us

The University of Nottingham African Caribbean Society aims to promote diversity, unity and culture by putting on events that educate, reflect and empower our proud members. We strive to enrich the academic and social experience of our members, whilst simultaneously upholding a strong sense of community. The ACS demonstrates the vibrancy of African & Caribbean culture through the coordination of exciting, inspiring and enjoyable events, which are open to anyone with an interest in learning about our culture. At Nottingham ACS, our goal is to enhance the student experience at Nottingham by celebrating the richness and diversity of African and Caribbean culture, this lies at the heart of all our activities. We also deem it our responsibility to bridge the gap between our community’s potential and real opportunities in a variety of fields, including our careers and access initiatives. Our society also creates a platform for networking​g and a medium to inspire ourselves and enhance the future of our members. Our motto is Educate, Empower and Entertain and it’s something we intend to honour. Our motto drives into everything that we do both within the university and outside the university.

Our goals

  • To educate, entertain and empower our proud members.
  • Create a sense of unity amongst our members.
  • To have a place for our cultural identity to thrive without being compromised.
  • Create a dynamic environment which engages with everyone.
  • Bridge the gap between our communities potential and real opportunities.
  • To become a positive force for our members and a constant source of social value in the communities that we work in.
  • Increase engagement with students from other backgrounds and liaise with other societies.
  • Expand members personal networks and opportunities through partnerships with our sponsors.
  • To show our members that they have potential to achieve their dream careers and show them the paths they need to take to get there.

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