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Created on 11th Jul 2018


UCL prides itself on being the world’s first global university, the first to admit students of all races, gender and religion in 1826. It is currently, the 7th best University in the world (QS World Rankings 2018). Started in the year 2000, the UCL African & Caribbean Society (UCL ACS) is a student run organisation that actively embraces diversity by being open to people from all walks of life.

Our society exists to educate our members and those in our community about the unique history and cultures across Africa and the Caribbean, in fun and innovative ways. The society reaches out beyond UCL through its strong alumni network, philanthropic work (within predominantly Afro Caribbean communities, both nationally and internationally) and its partnerships with leading firms. 

Mission Statement

The primary goal of UCL ACS is to create a nurturing environment for UCL students, where they can meet and learn about the history and culture of Africa and the Caribbean. We strive to create a family culture in UCL ACS, as a society we pride ourselves in being inclusive and not exclusive. Hence why, all UCL students from any race and/or background are welcomed and celebrated in our society.

In conjunction with this, UCL ACS desires to provide a safe space for all students of African and Caribbean descent to encourage the development and empowerment of today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders. We strive to help everyone involved in our society, we are passionate about each individual becoming the best version of themselves and achieving their full potential.

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