Partner Society UCL African and Caribbean Society

Created on 24th Sep 2019

About us

The UCL African & Caribbean Society (UCL ACS) is a student-run organisation that actively embraces diversity.  The African Caribbean Society at UCL is an active representative and the voice of the African and Caribbean students at UCL. We exist to educate our members and those in our community about the unique history and cultures across Africa and the Caribbean, in engaging and innovative ways. We reach out beyond UCL through our strong alumni network, philanthropic work and our partnerships with leading firms.

Our goals

  • To equip our members for the applications processes they will undertake for spring weeks, internships and placements. 
  • To educate members on the different career opportunities available
  • To provide our members with inspiration and motivation to apply themselves and unlock their full potential.
  • Increasing our social media presence and impressions.
  • Collaborating more widely with other societies, universities and brands.

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