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Created on 14th Jun 2018


The 93% Club: University of Bristol’s State School Society is very honoured to be partnered with Bright Network for the third year running. The society aims to redress the balance between state school students and their privately educated counterparts. The society has held various events including the Bristol Equality & Diversity Week with Bright Network, we have worked with the Student Union to amend and implement policy relevant to educational inequality and provided a space for state-school students to share their experience.

In 2017, Cambridge had more state-educated pupils than at Bristol University. This low intake of state school students has various implications. Most importantly for our members, this level of inequality can impact their self-confidence, well-being and their educational ability. Our members are often at a disadvantage to their peers in having the same exposure to insight days, internships or contacts with leading employers. Graduates who attended private-school will earn on average a higher income than their state-educated counterparts, despite receiving the same class of degree.

The inequality in access to employment is not just a Bristol-related concern. Various measures have been implemented in UK universities to improve the access and intake of state-school students. However, once accepted state-school students still often lack the same resources. We are very eager for the 93% Club society to become a national network for students across the UK.

Organisations such as Bright Network are therefore vital to ensuring state-school students at Bristol University can receive the same high level job opportunities, regardless of socio-economic background. Our members are interested in a range of sectors, but are all hard-working, bold and innovative students. 

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