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Partner Society Warwick Consulting Society

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About us 

We are a society comprising over 1,400 members and run by an executive team of about 20 students. We aim to educate members on consulting and help them to leverage their own skills to navigate a successful career in this industry. 

There are several ways in which we do this. We have four main divisions within our society, each serving a different purpose. For example, our ‘Consulting Services’ branch works with companies who give our students real-life consulting projects to work on throughout the year. This allows students to gain a deep insight into the work that consultants really do. In addition, we have a division to promote women in the industry, a careers branch to help those interested in working in consulting and provide them with tailored application advice, and our newest branch, Warwick Case Club, which trains a team of students to represent the University in international Case Study Competitions. 

Our goals 

Our overall aim has always been to make consulting accessible for all, regardless of background or degree. There are no conventional paths into consulting, and this often leads to people shying away from it as a career, as it can seem hard to fully understand the skills required for consultancy. The truth is that consulting is so broad that anyone can pursue it as a degree, and this is the message that we are trying to convey. 

This year, we are specifically focusing on increasing the presence of Warwick Consulting Society, both on campus and beyond. Our biggest event of the year will be an international Consulting Summit, a joint venture with other universities from within and without the UK. This will be a weekend of workshops, presentations and panel discussions to provide attendees with a strong network of consultants and peers, as well as valuable insight into how to successfully pursue consulting.  

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