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Created on 8th Oct 2019

About us

Warwick History Society is one of the largest academic societies at the University of Warwick and is committed to providing its undergraduate and postgraduate membership with a wide plethora of events to ensure they get the most out of their time at university. 

We offer a great number of talks from specialists in the field to provide intellectual stimulation outside of the curriculum and remind our members the relevance of studying the past in its application to modern society. To compliment these and since we recognise that a History degree does not necessarily lend itself to a specific career path, we aim to show our members the wide variety of professions available to them with talks and workshops about opportunities in law, finance and media. Perhaps some of our best-attended events throughout the year are our socials, which put like-minded students in touch and provide a chance for letting off some steam during an otherwise academically-focused three years. Alongside our flagship events such as the International Tour and Annual Ball, we also host charity fundraising events and have football, netball and rounders teams competing in a league with other societies.

Our goals

Every year the society grows, not only in terms of membership but also in the expansion of social media reach, the frequency of events held and, more crucially, in its aims and ambitions. Building on the foundations laid by the previous executive committee, it is our personal goal to cultivate a greater sense of community, supporting a diverse membership of students in their academic and social lives. 

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