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Partner Society Warwick Politics Society

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About us

Warwick Politics society is run for students by students. We aim to encourage open and robust debate. We invite a variety of speakers from across the political spectrum to put forth their ideas, beliefs and values to the students of Warwick with our priority being discussing our ideas, debating our beliefs, and discovering new values. We don’t just invite speakers; PolSoc (as we have come to be known) lets students talk about their own beliefs surrounding a range of issues as well as write about them in our magazine, Perspectives. This attracts students from all walks of life and all faculties within the university - we don’t just cater to BA Politics undergraduates. Rather, we aim to inspire and encourage students that have ideas about anything and everything political to come and join our society. This has led to substantial growth of the society over the last few years, with our society now having over 500 members for the first time since its creation.

Our goals

We aim to only improve society’s presence upon campus, and we have plans to expand greatly within the next 12 months. Warwick Politics Society has also had large influence across the university with both the outgoing and incoming Presidents of Warwick Student’s Union having been on our executive committees. We will never forget that we are a society at heart, with students as our core. We host socials, an annual tour abroad and a formal ball for students to not only get to know each other politically, but also socially. This has led in the past to a thriving political community within both PolSoc and the greater Warwick campus. As a society we aim to centime to impact Warwick’s student body positively through political discussion.

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