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Partner Society Warwick RAG Society

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About us

We are the primary student-led charitable society at the University of Warwick, raising around £250,000 for various causes every year. A famous name, RAG is consistently one of the largest societies on campus, with a membership of over 1000 students from a wide variety of backgrounds. We offer our members the chance to engage in a diverse range of exciting activates, including challenge events, raids (street collections), domestic and international volunteering opportunities, one-off events and a crazy social calendar.  

Our goals

Our goal is to raise both funds and awareness for as many causes around the world as possible in a unique and innovative way. We want to offer our members a truly once in a lifetime opportunity, whether that be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or travelling to parts of the UK they have never heard of in order to bucket collection for a charity. We aim to be the most inclusive society on campus and lead in the student fundraising market; continuing our work as the National Student Fundraising Group of 2018. 

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