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Created on 6th Sep 2019

About us

The York Finance Conference (YFC) is one of the largest student run conferences in Europe. It offers students an exceptional opportunity to gain unique insights into various areas within investment banking, consulting, accounting and law. The conference includes exclusive networking opportunities throughout the day allowing delegates to interact with our highly distinguished speakers, company recruitment personnel, and recent graduates.

YFC creates an environment for driven students to gain potentially life-changing connections, and invaluable knowledge from a community of industry professionals. Our conference provides the perfect platform for firms to showcase their values and culture to students who are keen to learn more about the financial industry.

Our goals

Through our conference we aim to provide delegates with useful inside knowledge as well as practical experience, which enables differentiation in a competitive career market. Our aim is to inspire future finance professionals, through innovation, whilst maintaining transparency, diversity and inclusion within our conference and committee, as our core values.

Each year the conference includes keynote speeches, panel debates, seminars, practical sessions like those of the Spring Weeks, and direct recruitment opportunities from some of the world’s leading financial experts, as well as exclusive structured networking sessions to give delegates the best opportunity to interact with our guest speakers, recent graduates and student employers. We do not only aim to inspire, but also make an impact in our delegates' careers.

Our focus is particularly on bringing delegates from the universities in the North of England, who are not typically target universities of the big firms. We also have an international outreach, where students from universities in Europe and USA have showed interest and attended our conference. Furthermore, we are committed to widening access to our conference by enabling students from under-represented groups overcome some of the barriers they face. We are working closely with our partners and sponsors whose resources can help address some of these barriers. We would like to make YFC a place where delegates will not only expand their professional network, but also enhance their life chances!

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