Partner Society York Finance Conference

Created on 1st Aug 2018


The York Finance Conference is a fantastic opportunity for students wanting to learn more about the world of finance. The event will provide you with a unique insight into various areas of the industry including investment banking and management, consulting, accounting, law and many others. Whether you are already interested in a career in finance or simply want to explore your options, the York Finance Conference will equip you with both the inside knowledge and practical experience required to distinguish you from your peers.

The York Finance Conference 

The conference includes keynote speeches, panel debates and seminars from some of the world’s leading financial experts, as well as exclusive structured networking sessions to give you the best opportunity to interact with our guest speakers, recent graduates and student employers. We are dedicated to making the 2019 conference our biggest one yet by having more speakers, widening the networking opportunities and engaging over 200 students globally. To help achieve our goals we have established 4 core values (Transparency, Diversity & Inclusion, Inspire, Innovate) that will hold throughout everything we engage in.