Your Campus Ambassadors From: University of Warwick

Chloe Harris

Degree Subject:Economics

Graduation Year:2020

About Chloe:I am currently looking forward to starting my second year of Economics at Warwick and I hope to pursue a career in professional services. I love getting back to my roots – I am on the Executive Committee for the Caribbean Culture society and I practice yoga regularly. I am also a strong believer in the importance of mental health awareness. As such I represent the charity The National Children’s Bureau on the steering committee of one of the largest trials of in-school humanistic counselling there has ever been, the ETHOS trial, conducted by the University of Roehampton.    

Favourite thing about Bright Network:I love that Bright Network compiles everything you need to complete your transition from sixth form to the working world into one easy to access location. From when I had no idea what I was interested in, to needing some CV tips, and recently when I was looking for specific insight weeks, Bright Network was always my first port of call. Also, I love that the more I have used Bright Network, the more I have gotten out of it.   

Varun Sood

Degree: BSc Economics

Graduation year: 2020

About Varun: I study Economics at the University of Warwick and I am looking to pursue a career in finance. I am also president of Warwick Economics Society, the largest academic society on campus with over 1800 members. During my free time, I enjoy playing football and I love to go out, meet new people and try new things as often as possible

Aashish Tanna

Degree: Economics

Graduation Year: 2020

About Aashish: I am currently studying Economics, with an interest in Finance, at the University of Warwick with the long-term aim of going back to Malawi, my home, and spurring economic development.

Having managed to secure a first-year internship with ‘Earlymarket LLP’, I am tasked with being the head of Junior Market Operations for the tech start-up, Helipaddy. Alongside my internship, I am also the treasurer for the East African Society, an economics mentor for the 2018/19 academic year and representing Warwick in the BUCS and Varsity Pool team.

Other proud achievements include a mention in the newspaper for achieving the highest IGCSE grades in Malawi, the Pearson award for highest in Southern Africa for AS Level Physics, and the ‘Best Player’ award for the international badminton tour.Outside of academics and sports, I am a very social person that loves to meet new people with different ideas and outlooks towards life.

Favourite thing about Bright Network: Applying for internships and jobs can be so overwhelming. Bright Network makes this process much easier and offers a lot of advice to help you secure them. I first saw the Bright Network website halfway through term 1, and this helped me gain a greater understanding of how to further my career step by step.