Your Campus Ambassadors From: Queen Marys, University of London

Created on 12th Sep 2019

Gabriela Suarez

Degree Subject: Law

Graduation Year: 2020

About Gabriela: My name is Gabriela Suarez, I am Spanish, Iranian and English and born and raised in the South West of England. I am currently in my second year of my Law degree and in the future, I hope to qualify as a solicitor and work at a prominent London law firm. I became a Bright Network member at the beginning of my first year and it has provided me with so many opportunities to meet interesting people from around the UK and the world. I am the Vice-President of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) at my university which helps me to become involved in the international student community at Queen Mary as I love travelling and meeting diverse groups of people. I work part-time and alongside travelling I enjoy reading, music and the company of my friends.

Favourite thing about Bright Network: I love the events organised by Bright Network. They let me leave my university bubble and explore networking in a different community of students and professionals. I attended Bright’s Diversity and Inclusion Conference in 2018 and it was a refreshing and alternative look into networking and business that has really fuelled my love of meeting new people and getting to know businesses.


Humerah Al-Hadad

Degree Subject:  Law

Graduation Year: 2020

About Humerah: I am a third year Law student at Queen Mary University of London and aspire to pursue a career as a property solicitor. Following the completion of Pathways to Law during my sixth form years, I have gone on to become a Pathways mentor, and part of Pathways Plus, Aspiring Solicitors, and SEO London. I understand the importance of outreach schemes and the impact they can have on young people realising their potential - which is why I am now excited to continue working with the team at Bright Network.

Favourite thing about Bright Network:  Working with Bright Network has allowed me to not only build up my confidence to speak publicly to a wide range of audiences but be given a high level of responsibility and autonomy to express my creativity and commitment to diversity through my role as a campus ambassador. The organisation as a whole has filled a gap in the market to provide honest and accessible career advice for a variety of industries, building a platform which evolves with the needs of its members.


Simren Lakhan

Degree Subject: Economics and Finance

Graduation Year: 2020

About Simren: I'm currently a second year Economics & Finance student at Queen Mary University. Prior to attaining a summer internship offer with BlackRock, I attended a number of Bright Network events including panels and events targeted at women in business. I found these extremely useful due to the breadth of exposure offered, involving a variety of firms and business areas. This exposure, in conjunction with my role as Public Relations Officer for my university's Banking & Finance society helped to develop my interest in Finance. I look forward to assisting others develop their own interests. 


Ibrahim Razi

Degree Subject: Accounting and Management

Graduation Year: 2021

About Ibrahim: I am the type of person that if I am not comfortable with something, I will do whatever it takes to change it. I love my friends and my family and I can be shy sometimes but when you get to know me better, I open up more and try to crack more jokes.

Favourite thing about Bright Network: We're at this point in our lives where we are getting introduced to the 'real world' and what it truly is like. Much rather than getting thrown in the deep end and fighting for survival, Bright Network is something that not only prepares you for the challenges ahead, it's something that opens doors, gives you opportunities and makes sure you have the necessary tools for whatever life may throw at you. Bright Network to me is more like a family that is there for you no matter what, and will help you in achieving your goals.