Your Campus Ambassadors From: University of Cambridge

Created on 18th Jun 2018

Sherwood Lam

Degree Subject: Economics

About Sherwood: After winning the Royal Economic Society's Essay Prize in 2016, I am now a first year Economics undergrad at Trinity College, Cambridge. When I started my studies last October, I had no idea what an investment bank did, much less how to secure a Spring Internship. Fast forward 8 months, I established the Investment Research society at Cambridge to help people like myself explore the world of finance while conducting charity work. My hobbies include promoting student welfare as Cambridge's international welfare officer, and gaming (I am also the incoming Vice President of Cambridge's Digital Gaming Society). After graduation, I would like to pursue a career in investment banking, private equity/venture capital, or consulting.

Elizabeth Lee

About me: Having studied in Malaysia for most of my schooling life, starting university in a foreign country was no easy feat. However,  after a year at university, I feel like I've started to adapted to the work and study culture here and have decided to pursue a career in  commercial law after my degree.

I am also currently the Diversity Director for the Cambridge University Investment and Finance Society and the Alumni Director for the Cambridge University Law Society. As I feel passionate about helping underrepresented groups gain the job or education opportunities they deserve and connecting people to each other, I feel like these two positions and being a campus ambassador for Bright Network suit me very well.

Favourite thing about Bright Network: The people! Having been to a few of their events, I can genuinely say that the people at Bright Network are so friendly and understanding; the wealth of support and useful advice you bestow on each applicant you help is incredible and I am looking forward to helping promote Bright Network on campus.

Sabrina Lee

About Sabrina: Having studied in the UK for more than 6 years, I’ve really come to see it as home. I’m aspiring to a career in commercial law in the City, and have gotten work experience both in Hong Kong and London, including Barclays, Shearman and Sterling, and various barristers’ chambers. I’ve loved my first year of uni—as someone quite shy I’ve embraced all opportunities, and that’s what I’d encourage everyone to do! Developing my interest in publicity and marketing, I’m currently Head of Publicity for the Cambridge Union and Brand Ambassador for Linklaters. 

Investment is a big hobby of mine, and as Fund Director of my university’s Investment Society, I’ve been lucky to combine this with the ability to give back to charity, including the Sutton Trust. I enjoy facilitating quality discussions and ideas, which is why I’m involved as Sponsorship Officer for my uni’s TEDx, and in Model United Nations as Press Team. As Careers Officer for the History Society, it’s been so rewarding to connect students to the opportunities they deserve, from organising panels to black-tie dinners, inviting speakers at the top of their fields. I’m looking forward to continuing my mission as Bright Network’s Campus Ambassador. 

Favourite thing about Bright Network: the way you genuinely care about students and do everything you can to help them succeed. As a charity you’ve already done so much with the resources you have, connecting us with internships and networking opportunities through your own events. Most importantly, you understand that a successful career isn’t a straight road from start to finish, but an exciting journey with twists and turns, where having a network of bright, driven people is hugely helpful and even more rewarding.