Your Campus Ambassadors From: University of Kent

Created on 26th Jun 2018

Kate Wright

Degree Subject: Economics 

Graduation Year: 2019

About Kate: I am an undergraduate at the University of Kent, in my final year studying economics. I have just completed my placement year which I did in Wales as part of the Civil Service. In my free time I like travelling and trying new foods whilst at university I belong to the rowing club and enjoy going to the gym.

My favourite thing about Bright Network: All the advice they have available on their website! Extremely helpful for applying to any sort of job. I also really enjoy the variety of events they organise which are tailored to specific career paths.

Natasha Tikolani

Degree Subject: Physics

Graduation Year:  2019

About me: I’m a very enthusiastic person who can’t wait to help anyone and everyone. I study pure Physics and will be going into my third year but I am always happy to learn more about other fields of study. I am an Indian from the Canary Islands living in the UK who loves scuba diving, volunteering and having fun!

Favourite thing about Bright Network: Ambassador is a big word and an even bigger job which is what I am most excited about. Bright Network, for me personally, is such an effective and fun way to build a community with people from all over who have similar professional aspirations. I can’t wait to be part of such a great team that enables people to unlock their potential.

Katie Richmond

Degree Subject: Economics

Graduation Year: 2019

About Katie: I am a 21 year old student studying Economics at the University of Kent. I have recently completed my placement year at the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy working as a trade economist, so am well equipped to explain all things Brexit and International Trade!

My favourite thing about Bright Network: I want to work for Bright Network because the concept of the network is something I am incredibly passionate about. I have always struggled finding information on different careers, understanding what they would actually be like, let alone what a specific job would entail. Going into my placement year I had no idea what to expect, because it was incredibly difficult to find people to talk to about what to expect. Bright Network doesn’t just offer a wealth of information on different careers, jobs and internships available but it offers a network of likeminded people, with various experiences to talk to and gain knowledge from.