Your Campus Ambassadors From: University of Nottingham

Created on 12th Sep 2019

James Benham-Whyte

Degree Subject: Computer Science

Graduation Year: 2020

About James: I’m currently studying Computer Science at the University of Nottingham, and have taken up a placement opportunity in Technology Management at Unilever. I’m aiming to go into Project Management as a career, working on innovative and ground-breaking technical projects. I have taken up numerous roles before this placement, with one of the more recent ones being Education Representative for Computer Science at Nottingham. I would chair staff meetings and be an integral member of faculty discussions for improving student experience at Nottingham. I have also set up numerous initiatives, such as putting in place a scheme to support first year programmers, as well as coordinating student representation for Equality and Diversity in the department. I have also been the Project Manager for a small team, tasked with creating and managing an online consumer platform. We were hired by a company in the manufacturing industry to bring the project into fruition over a year long period.

Outside of my responsibilities, I’m a sporty person, who enjoys being active. I have been part of Karate and the American Football team at Nottingham, and go to the gym regularly. In my mind, it’s always good to stay busy and healthy.

Favourite thing about Bright Network: Having been applying to placements in IT related roles, I have witnessed first-hand how difficult it can be to stand out in the crowd, to secure the job you really want. The thing I really like about Bright Network is that not only do they provide you with the resources to help your applications stand out, but they also introduce you to numerous prospective employers, both online and at events. I think they are a great resource that anyone can use.


Scott Addison

Degree Subject: Philosophy

About Scott: I'm a Philosophy student at the University of Nottingham. Nottingham University is big on employment so I hope to be at the forefront of driving this with my Bright Network ambassadorship. I'm excited to network with employers and prospective students alike, bringing them together and helping wherever I can.


Hana Makhlouf 

Degree Subject: Electronic and Computer Engineering

Graduation Year: 2021

About Hana: I’m a 3rd year electronic and computer engineering student. In my free time, I love doing outdoor activities like hiking. One of my goals is to advocate for women in engineering and encourage young girls to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Favourite thing about Bright Network:The personal touch that Bright Network has is my favourite thing about the network. Being able to speak to employees, other ambassadors and leading firms easily and openly is something that I really enjoy and appreciate as a student as well as a campus champion.