Your Campus Ambassadors From: University of York

Created on 26th Jun 2018

Chantelle Jeffers-Bobo

Degree Subject: Social Policy

Graduation Year: 2020

About Chantelle:

I am going into my second year of my degree at the University of York. I’m really interested in going into procurement or risks when I graduate and at the moment I’m just doing working experience in these sectors. I hope to secure an internship next summer in procurement as well! In my spare time I love to do sport, especially swimming and netball.

Favourite thing about Bright Network:

My favourite thing about Bright Network is their openness about diversity and inclusion. Diversity is such an important thing in life. Bright Network are so proactive about this and encourage others to be too which I find great! Being part of something that welcomes all is just a wonderful opportunity to be part of.

Faz Kazmi

Degree Subject: Economics and Finance 

Graduation Year: 2020

About Faz: Finding someone to talk about your future can be awkward. The challenging questions and overthinking can make it difficult for some to open up about their ambitions. Finding banking as a suitable career choice for myself, only came with the support of others. Given this, I will strive to help as many people as possible throughout my time at university and beyond.
My passion for banking has been exemplified by studying Economics and Finance and from attending a variety of different insight programs and spring weeks at PwC, HSBC, and Shell. In my spare time, I enjoy watching F1 (#FernandoAlonso), and playing badminton.

Favourite thing about Bright Network: The internship tracker is my favourite aspect of Bright Network. Having a place where I can easily filter work experience opportunities from hundreads of firms has allowed me to become organised and proactive within my career aspirtions.