Your Campus Ambassadors From: Cardiff University

Crystal Nkrumah

Degree Subject: Law and French (LLB)

About Crystal: I am an afro-Italian currently reading law and French as an undergraduate at Cardiff University. I have a vast interest in international law, conflict resolution and human rights. My interest has pushed me to become a legal research assistant for Cardiff University as well as being an active member of the Law Society. In my free time I enjoy learning languages as I believe they allow you to connect and have a deeper understanding of other cultures. For these reasons and many more, I am really excited to be working with Bright Network to connect more students and allow them to explore their full potential.

Favourite thing about Bright Network: As an afro-Italian and therefore a member of the BAME community, Bright Network’s ethics and principles really resonate with me. The emphasis put on recognising talent regardless of your background whilst appreciating individual’s unique features is really admirable. The organisation’s support per se is incredible as it allows you to build your confidence and prepare you for the workplace, knowing that you have what it takes to flourish in your chosen field.

Bianca De Souza

Degree Subject:LLB Law

Graduation Year: 2019

About Bianca:I was born in Jamaica but spent most of my life living in the United States. I always wanted to study law and came to the United Kingdom because it was the most appealing way to get to my destination. I was recently names the 18th most influential woman studying in the U.K. by J.P. Morgan on their “Future Top 100” list. This was for my work as only one of six Campus Ambassadors for Simmons & Simmons, my positions as the chair on the Board of Undergraduate Studies Committee int he law school, and other endeavours I have undergone throughout my years in Cardiff. I have a passion for the law, networking. and branding so being the Campus Ambassador in Cardiff for Bright Network will be a great experience and I am looking forward to starting!

Favourite thing about Bright Network:Many students want to network and to better prepare themselves for the work world but never really know where to start. Bright Network not only aides them in their journey but the company pushes students to be the best they can be and to follow their dreams.