Society of the Year 2019 President of the Year Award

Nominations are now closed for the President of the Year Award. Shortlisted Presidents will be announced this Friday 22nd November 2019.

You can vote on the Society of the Year Awards just here.

After the success of last year, Bright Network Society of the Year Awards returns and this year in addition to eight society awards, there will be a unique award to celebrate the passion and dedication that Presidents put into elevating their societies.

This will be presented alongside the eight society awards at our annual awards lunch in Central London on Wednesday 4th December 2019. 

This award is sponsored by London Business School. As one of the world’s top business schools, London Business School (LBS) is renowned for its pioneering academic research, teaching excellence and providing students with an international perspective. 

How do I enter?

Societies will be able to nominate a president for the award with a written application and image. There will be 5 presidents shortlisted through to the final. At the awards lunch in December, each President will present for 3 minutes on their impact on the society and their achievements. A winner is selected by each of the partner firms there on the day and the Bright Network team.

The application:

We're looking for you to submit a written summary explaining why you believe the President you’re nominating should win the award (PDF or Word doc format), covering what they have achieved for your society and the wider student community this year, along with how the award and funding they receive will support your society moving forward. 

Make sure to highlight what really sets them apart as an exceptional President and makes them an asset to your society's success. Such as, the new initiatives and ideas they’ve brought in to drive your society forward, or their strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Shortlisting and voting:

Nominations close on 17th November and five finalists will be chosen for the final round (partner firm’s vote) on 4th December at the Awards lunch (please save the date). 

Why should you nominate your President? 

It's a fun process, which gives all societies and their respective Presidents the chance to showcase their excellence. Here's what it can offer you:

  • Increased national exposure - take your society to the next level by winning an additional award for your President which will publicise your societies to world-leading employers and the student population

  • Unrivalled access to firms - your society President will have an excellent chance to network with the other 8 firms joining us on the day and help connect your society members with great career prospects