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Key insights from Fnality Project Engagement Manager and Product Owner

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Fnality International was founded in May 2019 as the next step in a transformational project that started as the Utility Settlement Coin (USC) project. Now backed by 14 of the world’s leading financial institutions and a recent £50 million investment, Fnality are shaping the global future of financial services by driving the transformation of financial markets back to Peer-to-Peer.

We sat down with Francesca, a Project Engagement Manager, and Simone, a Product Owner, to find out more about what their role at Fnality involves, the company and its culture - plus any tips they would give to our members eager to join their team.

Francesca (Project Engagement Manager) and Simone (Product Owner).

Background and Journey at Fnality

Before it was Fnality, the Utility Settlement Coin (USC) project was initially spearheaded in 2015 by UBS and blockchain company, Clearmatics. Francesca started her journey with the USC project during phase 2, where only 6 banks were engaged. However, they would soon find themselves undertaking a period of rapid expansion during the next phase which saw the number of banks involved rise from 6 to 13, with more individuals joining, including Simone, and a total of 17 institutions becoming part of the project.

As for Simone, given his technical background in Physics and PhD in Electronic Engineering, his journey started off in Technology; citing that his previous work in software related projects helped nurture a logical mindset which proved necessary for working in that environment. However, he then transitioned to a more business-oriented role as a Product Owner, “I was curious to find out what the vision behind the work was and the ‘why’ behind the certain features we develop”.

What do their roles at Fnality involve?

As a Project Engagement Manager, Francesca works within the People Guild which involves helping on the recruitment side of the company, as well as internal events to “ensure we have a strong team culture”. Though this isn’t the only aspect of her role, as she also works closely with the Shareholders and Board of Directors to co-ordinate workshops, meetings and events, allowing her to liaise between the Fnality Management Team and shareholders to collate content, such as reporting on different areas the company are focusing on.

For Simone, a typical day sees him constantly thinking about how they can achieve the company goal in the fastest way possible, whilst being most efficient with the use of their teams, “The first step in doing so is assessing what the minimum set of requirements are to achieve our goal and how we can get there without wasting resources”. An essential part of carrying this out is understanding the essence of the problem and creating a feasible plan to optimise efforts in finding a solution.

Overall, it’s clear that there is no single task assigned to a role at Fnality; with employees expected to be able to handle multiple project and tasks, which is why Simone and Francesca both emphasise the importance of being cross-skilled at Fnality; as a rapidly growing company, it’s incredibly important for employees to be able to offer support across a range of divisions.

What are the people and culture like at Fnality?

An important part of working at any company is being able to feel like you fit; so, it’s essential to get an insight into what the people and the culture are like before applying somewhere. The main value upon which Fnality’s culture is built is the “whatever it takes” approach to push the company forward. This also encompasses encouraging everyone to express themselves in an open and honest way while making sure to take ownership of what they do. Beyond their working culture, there are also plenty of socials to look forward to! From informal breakfasts, lunches and drinks to their summer and Christmas parties, there are always social events going on to welcome new starters and encourage a strong bond within the whole team, including management.

For Francesca, one of the highlights of working at Fnality is being in an environment with such a strong sense of teamwork; highlighting how everyone is unbelievably supportive and helpful given how busy they all are. However, her favourite thing about the people is the laughter, “Whilst we all work very hard, everyone still finds time each day to talk to each other about our lives outside of work, which is always hilarious as we have so many wonderful characters in the office and we all get along really well”.

All these factors have culminated to provide a really inspiring work environment for Simone and Francesca; especially considering that they are working with some of the brightest minds in the industry!

Their top tips for our members who might be interested in joining the Fnality team

Here’s what they told us:

  1. Research: Get to know what we’re doing and effectively communicate why you want to join the team. Depending on the role you’re applying to, it’s essential you do your own due diligence, which also tells us a lot about what type of person you are; someone who is willing to explore what we do is the kind of mindset we need.
  2. Communication: It’s very important for a candidate to be able to clearly and concisely communicate what they will bring to the team. Knowing what your core and cross-skills are will help you in doing this as you’ll have a clearer picture of how you can contribute to the team.
  3. Open-mindedness: Regardless of experience level, candidates need to be really willing to learn and show that drive and eagerness to do the research and background work that is essential to what we do. This certainly comes with having an open mindset and being a ‘self-starter’ type who can take their own initiative.

If you think you’d fit the culture at Fnality, find out more about what they do and their open opportunities here.