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Learn what graduate life at PFM is like from Matthew

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We caught up with Matthew to tell us more about life as a graduate with Pilgrim's Food Masters. 

What graduate programme are you currently on?


How would you describe your time on the graduate programme so far?

The main takeaway so far is that there is responsibility from Day One. As it is a smaller team you feel very valued and are treated as an actual employee.

What type of University Degree did you do?

BA History and Political Science and an MSc in Global Cooperation and Security. Nothing Business related!

How did you find the assessment process?

With all interviews/assessments they are nerve wracking – but I felt that the process was well balanced and allows you to display your abilities and drive.

What would your advice to future grads be?

Be yourself in the interview process and try to meet as many people as possible from different teams outside of your own!

What kind of development have you received?  

I have multiple developmental points of contact, both from my function and outside of it. This has resulted in very specific job role guidance, such as aid in establishing a Personal Development plan, but also my mentor from outside my function has helped me navigate the business from a general perspective.

What kinds of things do you do with the team for fun?

Team Lunches and Team Drinks!

How did you prepare for the interview process?

Was on my toes about what was happening in the FMCG space and made sure I knew what the company was about and why I fit with their values.

Has anything surprised you about the company?

I thought it would be harder to ask people for help, but everyone really wants to aid your development and solve problems. No question is too stupid!

How would you describe the culture?

Welcoming, Driven and Fast-Acting.