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Life at SMBC as a placement student: Ragitha

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Read about Ragitha’s experience as a placement student with SMBC. She’s currently at City University of London, studying Economics with Accounting. At SMBC, Ragitha works within the Risk Management Division.

Why did you choose SMBC?

I chose SMBC because their Risk Management role was the most appropriate for me in terms of what I wanted to get out of a placement year. Their job role offered a wide range of opportunities such as liaising with colleagues across the organisation as well as being offered the prospect of getting involved in Climate risk which is a topic that’s currently relevant and evolving.

What has been your highlight of the Industrial Placement Programme?

A massive highlight for me was being part of a cohort of which I was one of 36. It was a great experience to be working with people in a similar situation to me in terms of experience level. It was also a great to be networking and getting to know many people in SMBC BI as well as EMEA.

How would you describe the culture at SMBC?

The culture is amazing, SMBC is extremely supportive and understanding. The culture is collaborative and that’s a really good motivation to produce outstanding work.

What are some of the key skills you’ve developed during the programme?

Communication, team working, my banking knowledge has expanded and definitely an increase in confidence in myself.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying to the programme?

I would say go for it, SMBC is a great starting point to gain knowledge and to be confident in yourself. SMBC thrives for young talent in terms of placement students regardless of your previous experience so this programme would be very useful if you are interested in building your knowledge and CV for life after university.