Securing a graduate role with PA Consulting - Top tips from Charlotte, a Financial Consultant

Created on 27 Apr 2017

Charlotte is set to graduate from the University of Exeter this summer with a degree in Economics, and shortly after she’ll be taking on a financial consulting role at PA Consulting. Read on to find out about the partner interview that helped her to secure her graduate position.


The PA Consulting partner interview took place two weeks after the assessment centre. It was actually my favourite part of the process because I got to tell the partner all about the things I’d achieved professionally and through the work I’ve done with university societies.

The partner interview was much more like a conversation than an interview, and I felt the partner learnt as much about me as I learnt about him and the business. It really confirmed why I wanted to work for PA Consulting.

Mentioning I’d attended Bright Network Women in Leadership – which is where I first met PA Consulting – definitely made me stand out throughout the application process. I felt I already knew the company when I went into the interview and it was easy to explain why I was a good fit for them. I was confident speaking about PA Consulting’s culture and progression opportunities, and how these aligned with my own values and career goals.

I would definitely recommend attending networking events like Bright Network Women in Leadership – sign up for as many of these opportunities as possible. If you already know about the company and have a relationship with their recruiters, you’ll be ahead of the competition when you submit your application.


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